Day at the estancia La Bamba de Areco, San Antonio de Areco, Argentine pampa

Day at the estancia La Bamba de Areco, San Antonio de Areco, Argentine pampa

The estancia La Bamba de Areco will open for you the doors to a passionate day in the Argentine pampa. Description, photos, rates and reservation on line.

Around a hundred kilometers from the capital city, you have the opportunity of discovering the soul of Argentina, through a historical estancia in la Pampa. You will also get to know the city of San Antonio de Areco, a gaucho sanctuary very close to the estancia.

La Bamba de Areco offers you to discover the activity of a traditional estancia, accompanied by authentic Argentine gauchos. It also proposes numerous activities, such as trekking and horse rides, local dance shows and gauchos demonstrations.

Estancia Bamba de Areco

You can also rest in its huge park and by the pool, profiting from its massage service and its delicious gastronomy. La Bamba de Areco also offers a great quality of services and successfully combines comfort with tradition.

San Antonio de Areco

At the time agreed upon, your driver comes to fetch you at your hotel in Buenos Aires. You depart by car for the day – we can offer you to take you on a private plane to San Antonio de Areco. You leave Buenos Aires and urban life gives way to great extensions of land. After a one-and-a-half-hour drive you get to San Antonio de Areco. This region is an invitation to encounter the culture of gauchos, these “cow-boy” from South America…

We recommend starting your activities with a walk in the village of San Antonio de Areco, the sanctuary of the gaucho tradition. You walk along the colonial streets of XIX century, then you visit the Plaza Mayor, the museum of Creole Silverware, San Patricio church, San Martín park, or even the Viejo bridge which crosses the Areco river. You continue by the Criollo park and the gaucho museum Ricardo Güiraldes. You will discover along the circuit artisans of leather and silver objects, for which the village is so renowned. Around thirty silversmiths live in San Antonio. They produce objects whose quality is famous to the point that the majority of these are sold in Europe.

Estancia La Bamba de Areco

La Bamba de Areco offers an unforgettable día de campo. Guillermo greets you and takes you on a tour around the property.

In fact, La Bamba, whose origin dates back to XVIII century, was a former stop, strategically located at the crossing of the Areco river and the Camino Real, connecting la Plata with Alto Peru. Shortly after, their owners, the Castex family, decided to build a new house with a tower. Gradually they turned it into an estancia therefore losing its original function.

Estancia Bamba de Areco

In the 40s, two wings were added to the main house, giving it the U shape of the current building. In 1986, La Bamba was one of the first estancias to open its doors to the public. In February 2010, after a change of ownership and following two years of renovation works to become a boutique estancia, La Bamba has recovered its original charm. To this a decoration based on polo, the owners’ passion, was added. This property, one of the oldest in Argentina is ready to receive new travelers from the four corners of the world, after being used as stage for the shooting of several films.

After having tasted some empanadas, you are invited to try the traditional and hearty asado argentino in the pulpería, former inn. After lunch, you can take a digestive or a coffee by the pool, unless you prefer a carriage ride or a horse ride in the park. The heritage of the region is displayed by exceptional taming and training demonstrations, as well as by musical and folk dance shows.

A boccia court -Argentinean traditional ball game- is also at your disposal for some fun. Around 17h, the traditional “English Tea” is served which you can continue with a massage session. La Bamba really offers what its name of celtic origin means: a place for relaxing.

Several optional private gaucho demonstrations are also offered:

Doma India : horse taming show of about 20 minutes.

Life Folklore : musical show accompanied by folk dances to which you are of course invited to join- 20 minutes of songs followed by dances.

Destreza Criolla Completa : 5 gauchos make different demonstrations of Boleadoras, Pato, Sortija and training.

Praticals informations

Timetable and distances : departure at 9 am. from Buenos Aires. San Antonio de Areco is located at 133 km of Buenos Aires. After the village visit, lunch of 2 hours, then visit and activities of the estancia. At the end of the day, trip back to Buenos Aires.

Lunch : Estancia La Bamba de Areco.

Night at San Antonio de Areco : the estancia La Bamba de Areco also offers week-ends or journeys.