Special conditions of sale of Argentina Axcepcion for tourism packages: premium, thematic, fly&drive


3.1. Pricing definition
3.2. Pricing revision/modification
4.1. Solicitude by the Buyer
4.2. Ratification of the solicitude by the Buyer and registration form
4.3. Ratification of the reservation by Argentina Excepcion
4.4. Delivery of the travel documents
5.1. Payment methods
5.2. Payment procedures
6.1. Modification request by the Buyer
6.2. Cancellation request by the Buyer
6.3. Cancellation terms
6.4. Cancellation by Argentina Excepcion


Argentina Excepcion offers two kinds of “Circuits”:
• “Premium” or “Thematic”. These are circuits with assistance and accompanied by chauffeur-guides,
• “Fly & Drive”. These are circuits with assistance, but with no accompaniment.

Length of the trip
The day of arrival in Argentina or Chile and the day of departure from Argentina or Chile are included in the length of stay. The first and last days are frequently dedicated to transportation, thus it is expressly established that if the “Fly & Drive Circuit” were to be shortened for a late arrival or an anticipated departure there will be no place for reimbursement or compensation of any kind.

Room availability
In general, rooms are only available after 3 p.m. and in most cases must be liberated before 11 a.m., independent of the time of arrival or departure from the establishment.

The comfort level indicator “Exception” or “Charm” assigned to the hotels/estancias which appears in the description on the Website, corresponds to a classification established on the basis of reference of local norms of the receptive country and may differ with other norms. It is presented for information only. Likewise, for technical problems and/or reasons notwithstanding the willingness of Argentina Excepcion, particularly in the force majeur hypothesis or due to a third party, an initially booked hotel/estancia may be replaced for another hotel/estancia of equal category, offering equivalent services.

Some activities proposed and defined in the description may be suppressed, particularly due to reasons related to the weather, security or force majeur. The Buyer will not hold Argentina Excepcion responsible for dissatisfaction motivated on a modification or cancellation of the program originated in the aforementioned causes.

In regards to wildlife safaris, contact with wild animals and/or birds as well as the conditions of observation are situations evidently subject to contingencies the Buyer will not be able to impute to Argentina Excepcion in case of dissatisfaction to this respect, or in relation to any meteorological event or occurrence linked to the life of fauna or flora which’s magnitude might affect the quality of the activities to be carried out, partially or totally.

Full board comprises breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Half board comprises breakfast and lunch or dinner, depending on each tourism package.

Each circuit has its own meal regime. The Buyer must remit to the “Includes – Does not include” chapter, at the foot of this page after the details of each service.

If, due to the schedules imposed by the airlines or any other carrier it would become impossible to have one or more meals, this will not give way to refunds of any kind.

Beverages, unless stated otherwise, are not included during meals and are on account of the Buyer. In absence of tap water, the expenses undergone in purchasing bottles of mineral water are responsibility of the Buyer.

In the framework of non pre-established activities, that is, those announced in the “Fly & Drive” circuits, the Buyer will be free to decide and responsible for his actions on the steering wheel and the choice of itineraries. The Buyer will be provided with the chronological order of the visits to the sites and several possible itineraries, for information purposes only. Argentina Excepcion will not be held responsible if the Buyer, while driving, gets lost or suffers an accident.

In general terms, Argentina Excepcion will not be held responsible for disputes which might occur during the stay, with the supplier (hotel, estancia, vehicle rental, airline, etc.) of the product, being any the reason motivating them.


The denomination “tourism package” will be used for services which
• result of the previous combination of at least two operations related respectively to transportation, accommodations or other tourism services not accessory to transport or accommodations, representing a significant part of the package,
• exceed 24 hours or include one night accommodations at a hotel,
• are sold or offered under the term “all inclusive”.

The sale of tourism packages will be governed by Law 18829, Section 1, in agreement with Sections 2 and 4 of Decree 2182/72, which establishes the terms of exercise of activities relative to the organization and sale of trips or tourism stays. These provisions are transcribed below the main text which details the General Terms of Business.


3.1. Pricing definition

The descriptions of the services announced on the Website explicit, for each service, the Products included in the price. The prices are expressed in United States Dollars (USD) and are per person, taxes included (unless stated otherwise). For the product “Circuits” a regularly updated exchange rate converter allows viewing the prices in Euros, Sterling Pounds and Argentine Pesos. For all products, the prices displayed on the Website have been established upon the basis of the exchange rate, the prices of local suppliers and the transportation fees applicable from the publication date onward. Consequentially, the Buyer acknowledges the aforementioned prices have not more than an informative value which will be modified by the customized adjustment Argentina Excepcion will apply to the Product object of the solicitude, in function of the departure dates, the number of travelers, transportation availability, and if applicable, the services specifically selected for the Buyer.

The announced price does not include:
• international flights,
• if applicable, the supplementary expenses imposed by the local authorities (tourism taxes, stay taxes, etc.) which must be paid out in situ,
• unless clause expressing otherwise: airport taxes, airport service charges, excess luggage charges, transfers from the airport to the place of stay, luggage, cancellation, repatriation, and medical assistance insurances, passport, visa and vaccination expenses, as well as all personal expenses (medical expenses, laundry services, phone, beverages, room service, tips, last minute requests, etc.),
• transfers in case of early trip interruption,
• services not expressly accorded in the reservation confirmation.

3.2. Pricing revision/modification

The prices announced on the Website may be modified at any given time, without prior notice, although those modifications won’t be applicable to the Buyer once the solicitude is ratified.

Notwithstanding this, the Product prices will be susceptible of revision, in regards to increases as well as reductions, in case of variation of royalties and taxes, the currency exchange rate and the price of fuel. If the prices are revised due to one of the above causes, the aforementioned variations will only be applied proportionally in the price calculation.


4.1. Inquiry by the Buyer

The Buyer may freely interrogate Argentina Excepcion on the Product characteristics by telephone or fax at (0054) 11 4772 6620, or by e-mail to info @ argentina – excepcion . com completing the form provided for these effects on the Website or directly at out agency, located at Costa Rica 5546 – 6° Floor, Apartment “606” – (C1414BAA) Buenos Aires – Argentina.

Argentina Excepcion will send the Buyer a detailed description of the Product accompanied by a registration form.

4.2. Ratification of the solicitude by the Buyer and registration form

If the Buyer wishes to ratify his Product solicitude, that is, to accept the General Terms, the Particular Terms of Business and the Product characteristics as they are defined in the description, he must send Argentina Excepcion a copy of the registration form correctly completed and signed, accompanied by a down payment in compliance with the provisions of Section 5.2.

The actual reservation and the Product sale will materialize once the registration form (hereinafter “Solicitude Ratification”) is received, and will be subject to condition precedent in which Argentina Excepcion must confirm the reservation for the dates requested by the Buyer before its suppliers, specially in function of the Products availability and their characteristics (flight availability, accommodations and stay conditions, chosen activities, etc.) and, more in general, of all the circumstances which’s nature might impede the correct execution of the reservation carried out. Furthermore, a denial of the ratification of the reservation must not be in any case justified within a period of 10 days from the reception of the registration form.

4.3. Ratification of the reservation by Argentina Excepcion

From the moment of the reception of the registration form, if Argentina Excepcion ratifies the reservation (hereinafter “Reservation Ratification”), Argentina Excepcion will proceed to debit the aforementioned down payment (or, where appropriate, the totality of the trip amount) without the need of any additional procedures for the ratification of the reservation and the sale of the Product. Argentina Excepcion will confirm the Buyer regarding the reservation and the correct processing of the payment.

If the reservation cannot be ratified, Argentina Excepcion will notify the Buyer within a maximum period of 10 days from the reception of the registration form. In this case, the initial registration form will lose validity and Argentina Excepcion will propose the Buyer diverse equivalent activities, whenever possible, under the conditions requested by the Buyer. The Buyer will enjoy ample freedom to carry on with these new proposals which will require a new registration form.

4.4. Delivery of the travel documents

At the moment of arrival of the Buyer on Argentine soil, a meeting with one of the operations representatives of Argentina Excepcion will be organized, who will hand over the travel documents to the Buyer: a detailed description of the services provided, contact numbers and recommendations, tickets or e-tickets of the domestic flights and the invoice.


5.1. Payment methods

• The imbursement of the cost of the hired Products can be carried out to Argentina Excepcion, communicating the number of the bank card of the Buyer through a secure payment system provided by HSBC Bank – Bank Argentina S.A., located on 1631 Callao Avenue – C1024AAC – Buenos

• The imbursement of the cost of the hired Products can be carried out to Argentina Excepcion by means of a bank wire directed to HSBC Bank – Bank Argentina S.A., located on 1631 Callao Avenue – C1024AAC – Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to the account presented at the time of carrying out the purchase.

If payment is carried out by means of a bank card, the Buyer must send the agency a signed authorization to extract money from his bank account, by fax or e-mail with the scanned document. The model will be provided by Argentina Excepcion. The Buyer must mention, at the time of the solicitude, the bank card number and name of the holder, the card verification code (the three last digits on the back) and its expiration date. The accepted bank cards are Visa, Master Card and American Express.

The down payment will be debited through the bank card at the time of the confirmation from the suppliers. The debit will not be carried out if Argentina Excepcion cannot respond satisfactorily to the request or if it is a mere proposition (unconfirmed).

If payment is carried out by means of an international bank wire, no special procedure will be necessary. This notwithstanding, the Buyer acknowledges that a delayed payment gives arbitrary character to the ratification of the reservation and the effective purchase of the Product.

5.2. Payment procedures

The payment procedures will differ if more than 45 days remain for the departure date:

• If more than 45 days remain until the departure date, a 30% down payment of the Product price plus the total cost of the domestic flights will be debited through the bank card of the Buyer or cancelled by means of a bank wire. In cases in which the optional purchase of the “Cancellation Insurance” or the “Multiple Risk Insurance” has been carried out, 100% of the cost of these options must be paid out along with the down payment.

• The balance, that is, the remaining 70% of the package cost, will be debited through the bank card of the Buyer, or cancelled by means of a bank wire, 45 days before the departure date, at the latest.

If the solicitude is carried out less than 45 days before the departure date, the total amount of the Product will be debited through the bank card registered or declared by the Buyer at the time of the solicitude, or cancelled by means of a bank wire in favor of Argentina Excepcion.

Upon lack of total or partial payment on behalf of the Buyer, Argentina Excepcion reserves the right to suspend or cancel the services corresponding to the chosen Product, thereunder responsibility of the Buyer to assume all costs that these assumptions derive in.


References: Law No. 18.829, Sections 21 to 25 Executive Order No. 2.182/72

6.1. Request for a Change by Buyer

In case Buyer requests a change in non-substantial characteristics of the Product, Argentina Excepción undertakes to do the best efforts to satisfy Buyer’s request, and Buyer shall pay USD15 per person for any expenses arising in connection thereof. Expenses for changes may vary depending on contractual conditions agreed between Argentina Excepción and carrier and/or local vendors.

Any request for a change in a substantial characteristic of the Product subject-matter of the purchase order and/or impossible to satisfy and/or requested within less than 30 days before departure shall be deemed a request for cancellation subject to the conditions detailed in the following paragraphs.

6.2. Request for Cancellation by Buyer

Any request for cancellation of a trip made by Buyer shall be mandatorily forwarded via e-mail to info@argentina-excepcion.com, or fax to (00 54) 11 4772 6620, or via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Argentina Excepción to the following address: Argentina Excepción – Costa Rica 5546 – Piso 6° Departamento “606” – (C1414BAA) Capital Federal – Argentina.

In case of cancellation of the trip by Buyer, any expenses arising thereof shall vary depending on the contractual conditions agreed between Argentina Excepción and carrier and/or local vendors. Cancellation conditions are defined in the following paragraphs, notwithstanding more restrictive cancellation conditions may be set forth under Product Sale Specific Conditions.

6.3. Cancellation Conditions

Notwithstanding any particular characteristics included in the description of the Product selected, which may be more restrictive (especially, during school breaks or in relation to a cruise), the penalty calculator detailed below shall apply to any requests for cancellation by Buyer:

• More than 45 days prior to departure: 15% of the trip price plus the cost of domestic regular flights, based on the cancellation policy of each air line
• 45 to 31 days prior to departure: 30% of the trip price plus the cost of domestic regular flights, based on the cancellation policy of each air line.
• 30 to 15 days prior to departure: 60% of the trip price plus the cost of domestic regular flights, based on the cancellation policy of each air line.
• Less than 15 days prior to departure: 100% of the trip price.

Should the request for cancellation only affect one of the persons listed in Buyer’s request, the cancellation may affect, in terms of financial costs, the aggregate purchase order of Buyer.
Any request for cancellation or change made by Buyer shall entail reimbursement of any amounts already paid less any penalties arising as a result of the application of the penalty calculator detailed above, and bank commissions.
Unless otherwise expressly stated in the clause describing the Product selected, some tour packages may not be subject to any changes or cancellations. Amounts paid by Buyer, in such case, shall not be subject to reimbursement.
In all cases, administrative expenses, domestic air transportation expenses contracted and insurances may not be subject to any reimbursement whatsoever.

6.4. Cancellation by Argentina Excepción

Should Argentina Excepción cancel the trip due to Argentina Excepción’s own impossibility to comply with its obligations, the company shall present Buyer a similar Product proposal. Should Buyer reject such proposal, Argentina Excepción undertakes to reimburse all amounts paid by Buyer. Moreover, Argentina Excepción agrees to pay a compensation amounting to the penalty Buyer would pay if cancellation was attributed to Buyer.

Should Argentina Excepción, due to a force majeure event, be forced to cancel the trip, Argentina Excepción shall present Buyer a similar Product proposal. In case Buyer rejects the proposal, Argentina Excepción agrees to reimburse all amounts paid by Buyer, with no additional compensation, subject to the limits defined in the reimbursement conditions of each vendor which has already received payment.