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  • Air France Magazine

    Air France Magazine

    In this review from October 2014 the Air France Magazine recomends our agency for organizing trips to the Argentine Nortwest.

  • France Inter

    France Inter

    Find Alain d'Etigny during a 6-minute interview in the France Inter program - 01.03.2013.

  • Géo


    In this special edition dedicated to Argentina, our agency in Buenos Aires, Argentina Excepcion, is recommended to discover the country.

  • Grands Reportages

    Grands Reportages

    The magazine mentions our new circuit in Antarctica (October 2012), and our circuit on the Robinson Crusoe island (April 2013).

  • L'Echo Touristique

    L'Echo Touristique

    The professional magazine features a complete article on Argentina and Patagonia, and cites Argentina Excepcion as a reference agency.

  • Le Figaro Madame

    Le Figaro Madame

    Interview with Alain d'Etigny in the article "Argentine: génération movida" for the magazine Le Figaro Madame. Read the first part and the second part.

  • Le Figaro Magazine

    Le Figaro Magazine

    In this 10 pages report published in November 2014, Alain d'Etigny shared the life of the gauchos in two exceptional estancias in Patagonia.

  • Le Madame

    Le Madame

    The talks about the Dakar in South America, and the stays organized by Argentina Excepcion on the tracks of the famous race.

  • Le Mouv'

    Le Mouv'

    Find Alain d'Etigny during an 8-minute interview in Allo la Planète broadcasted by Le Mouv '(Radio France) - Listen at 1h19min. 05/03/2013.

  • Le Point

    Le Point

    In this issue of March 2016, Le Point magazine recommends our agency in Santiago Chile, Chile Excepción, to discover the spectacular Torres del Paine park.

  • Paris Match

    Paris Match

    In this article about the Argentine wine region of Mendoza, our agency is recommended for our wine & food stays.

  • Perspective


    The magazine of the Franco-Argentine Chamber of Commerce presents our travel agency.

  • Terre Sauvage

    Terre Sauvage

    In this article on the most beautiful skies in the world, our agency Chile Excepción is recommended to come and observe the stars in the Atacama Desert.

  • Valeurs actuelles

    Valeurs actuelles

    Find a portrait of Alain d'Etigny, the creator of Chile Excepción and Argentina Excepción in this article entitled "Voyage au pays des gauchos"

  • Voyages voyages

    Voyages voyages

    The magazine quoted the agency as a reference in its articles about Buenos Aires, tango, estancias and the Iguazú falls.

  • Faut pas rêver sur France 3

    Faut pas rêver sur France 3

    Find Alain d'Etigny, the founder of the agency, in a report about airmail for the program "Faut pas rêver" special Argentina ( See at 22'30 ). 28/09/2012.

  • Le Point

    Le Point

    Le Point conducted an interview with Alain d'Etigny, for an article on entrepreneurship abroad.

  • France Magazine

    France Magazine

    France Magazine provides a complete file of Argentina, with an overview of the country and our agency. Read Article 1 and Article 2 .

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