Private jet flights Argentina & Patagonia

Argentina Excepcion offers aircrafts adapted to your needs and destinations: air taxi, private flights and charter flights to the airport or airfield closest to your destination, uniting Argentina. We provide transfers to and from the city of Buenos Aires, as well as to interior provinces, covering routes without regular air transport available. Operations in airports, airfields and short fields. Our planes are authorized and adapted for passenger transport as well as luggage and special cargo, such as hunting, fishing, polo and golf equipment. During your stay or specific stages of your trip, the crew may remain at your destination, at your total disposal. Onboard, we offer personalized service in company of French, English, or Spanish speaking pilots, according to each passenger’s needs. We have a fleet of private planes, with single-engine, twin-engine, turboprop, jets and helicopter units. Enjoy the comfort of our first category cabins! Without major additional costs, your trip to Argentina can be optimized in time, comfort and security. The charm of your visit to Argentina begins with us. Feel free to ask about all our destinations in Argentina: flights to Esquina in the Corrientes Province; flights to Cordoba, Mendoza, Iguazu, Bariloche, Valdes Peninsula, among others. «Ties must be created between men», Antoine de Saint Exupéry.