The team of Argentina Excepcion travel agency

Alain d’Etigny

Alain d’Etigny was a mountain hunting officer for 17 years, worked in a Paris-based agency before directing an inbound travel agency in Tanzania. Passionate for photography and untamed territories, as well as a safari expert, he fell in love with Argentina while organizing a hydroplane tour through South America (commemorating the centenary of the birth of Saint-Exupéry). He then decided to create Argentina Excepcion, an inbound travel agency dedicated to selecting the most exceptional itineraries and establishments, taking care in the organization and excellence he has always been known for. His in depth knowledge of the country crowns his vast professional experience.
What surprises me most about Argentina? The conscience Argentines have had, for several years now, on how necessary it is to respect nature.

Sophie Malaver

Sofia Malaver, has a PhD in Latin-American Literature from University Paris 4 Sorbonne. She has been professor of Spanish Literature in Buenos Aires. After living in France, Sofia chose to enter the world of travel to promote her country, knowing its potential in terms of culture and tourism. She then traveled all over Argentina and Chile, determined to go everywhere. She will now be your favorite interlocutor for traveling with your family or in groups.
What surprises me most about Argentina? The landscapes and the light, so unprecedented and different from one region to the other.”

Mercedes Perrotta

Mercedes Perrotta, of Argentine nationality, has a degree in Business Administration and Tourism. She has a knack for figures: she taught maths, dedicated to management control in a big international bank and finally joined Argentina Excepción where she, together with operators, makes sure you have a perfect stay.
What surprises me most about Argentina? Its never-ending horizons and the variety of its landscapes.

Baudouin Corneille

Baudoin Corneille, de nationalité française et argentine, est installé depuis une quinzaine d’années à Buenos Aires. Il travaille dans le tourisme depuis plus de cinq ans, après avoir évolué dans l’événementiel pendant de nombreuses années, notamment en France. Passionné de voyages et d’aventures, il poursuit sa découverte en voiture de l’Argentine, du Chili et de la Bolivie dès qu’il a du temps libre. Grâce à tous ces périples, il a parcouru et re-parcouru ces trois pays dans leurs moindres recoins. Il a ainsi acquis une expérience et une connaissance du terrain hors pair. Rigoureux et précis, il est aussi un organisateur d’exception.

Ce qui m’a le plus surpris en Argentine ? L’amabilité des Argentins, les espaces à perte de vue et l’exquise sensation, dans certaines régions, de se sentir au bout du bout du monde…

Julien Maillard

Julien Maillard studied and worked in the area of communication in France, Spain and the Caribbean Islands. With a long-standing passion for Latin cultures, he found in Argentina an exceptional nature and human richness, which made him want to live here and know more about it…Real love for the country which he will know how to share with you. Communication manager, his formation and his experience gave him the competences to make Argentina Excepción a well-known agency.
What surprises me most about Argentina? Argentines! In Particular their easiness to communicate and their interest in arts and literature.”

Virginie Coussens

After a master in marketing, Virginie first worked in Paris in communication agencies. She crossed the Ocean 8 years ago, and then traveled all over Latin American. She’s the best to understand your wills and organize your trip!

What she likes most in Argentina: its diversity and landscapes, the kindness of the Argentine people.

Laurie Pertusa

Après des études de langues anglais/espagnol à Bordeaux, Laurie découvre pour la première fois l’Argentine lors d’une année de césure. Sa vie portègne et plusieurs voyages à travers le pays suffisent à la faire tomber sous le charme de la nation soleil. Son master de marketing en poche, elle revient alors s’installer à Buenos Aires pour intégrer l’équipe communication d’Argentina Exception.
Ce qui m’émeut le plus en Argentine ? La buena onda de ses habitants et les couchers de soleil aux couleurs chatoyantes.

Ximena Reyes Salas

Ximena, de nationalité à la fois française, argentine et chilienne, a étudié au lycée français Jean Mermoz de Buenos Aires avant de poursuivre ses études dans le tourisme. Elle a ensuite travaillé plusieurs années dans différentes agences de voyages, à Buenos Aires et à Londres, spécialisées dans le séjour sur mesure en Amérique du sud. Aujourd’hui au sein de notre équipe, elle saura façonner le séjour de vos rêves, forte de ses expériences et d’une connaissance exceptionnelle du continent.
Ce qui me me plaît le plus en Argentine ? L’immensité de ses espaces, la variété de paysages et couleurs de chaque région.

Karine Lefranc

After a master in marketing, Karine first worked for a web agency in Paris. Then she left the french capital for a new one! She’s been living in Latam for various years now, and will know how to make you discover her favourite continent !
What she likes most in Argentina: the kindness of the Argentine people.

Josefina Ramos Mejía

Josefina Ramos Mejía, of Argentine nationality, has more than one string to her bow. After studying interior architecture and design in Buenos Aires, she got interested in all the arts offered by porteña capital: dance studios and theater have no secrets for her. Her varied experience shows a dynamic and curious personality. Passionate about culture and discovering new horizons, she has naturally found her place in Argentina Excepción, working for the administration and the organization of the company.
What surprises me most about Argentina? The incredible diversity of colors of the landscapes, in all seasons.

Carolina Romero

Born in Argentina, Carolina has always wanted to devote herself to the organization in the field of services. After various experiences in hospitality (hotel and health services), she got her degree in Tourism Administration. She now puts all her knowledge assisting Argentina Exception’s passengers, where she takes care of bookings and operations.
What surprises me the most in Argentina? My country never ceases to amaze me, the diversity of its geography invites always to new discoveries.

Jeanne Fabre

Born in a small village in the south of France, Jeanne has always been keen on discovering new cultures and meeting new people. Thus, during her studies in Political Sciences and Business School based in Paris, she has travelled all around the world. After a few professional experiences in the area of social entrepreneurship and solidarity (in functions as varied as communication, fundraising, recruitment and organization), she finally decided to land in Buenos Aires, where she is happy to dedicate all her energy and open-mindedness to Argentina Excepcion.
What attracts me most in Argentina? People’s great vibe in everyday life, by sharing a mate or waiting for being attended in a shop.”

Patagonia > Bariloche, Villa La Angostura & San Martín de los Andes


Alberto was born in France and grew up in Buenos Aires Province. His mother is from Auverne and his father is from Argentina. He has lived happily in Patagonia for 40 years, starting out in Bariloche and then moving to a house surrounded by a beautiful park in San Martín de los Andes, as Bariloche became a little large for his liking. Blessed with history, fishing and nature, Alberto knows every corner of Patagonia’s lake district, which never stops revealing its secrets.
What surprises me most about Argentina? Its totally unique atmosphere, it has a sort of enchantment that it’s difficult to explain in words. Argentina is a passionate place, with amazing landscapes that still today never cease to captivate me.


Natalia, originally from Buenos Aires Province, moved to Bariloche in 2000 having lived in the town of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. She learned French at primary school and continued on to study tourism. Dynamic, sporty and enthusiastic, Natalia enjoys rediscovering Patagonia’s lake district with each visitor, guiding them through the region in Spanish, Portuguese or French. Natalia has a special bond with the language of Moliere and even thought about becoming a French teacher.
What surprises me most about Patagonia? The incredible natural environment and the friendliness and hospitality of its inhabitants.


Born in the city of Fray Bentos, Uruguay, Guillermo served in the Uruguayan army for 26 years, up to the year 2000, when he retired and settled in the city of San Martín de los Andes. Caught by the astounding beauty of the locality and its natural environment, and after working in Graphic and web Design he went into digital photography together with Susy his true love and inseparable companion. He has already compiled a significant collection of landscapes of the region where he lives. Nowadays Guillermo is an expert guide of his area, ideal for photography and nature lovers.
What surprises me most about Patagonia? Its magic, charm, the feeling you get when you sit on the shores of a lake, or walk a trail in the forest in autumn…”

Cuyo > Mendoza & San Rafael


Mariela was born in Mendoza where she has lived ever since. She studied Economy, Tourism and English which she speaks fluently. She then decided to get into Wine Tourism. She was in charge of the Tourism and Public Relations Department of Bodega Ruca Malen, a well-known French-Argentinean winery in Luján de Cuyo. Mariela really enjoys showing Mendoza to tourists and sharing unforgettable moments and experiences.
What surprises me most about Mendoza? Mendoza is a very interesting blend: spellbinding landscapes of wineries, vineyards and the Andes range, very warm people, clear skies and sunny days, fine food and great wine…what else?


After living two years in New York, Julia is back in Argentina. She stands out in different activities: she is also a chef, graduated from the Escuela Arrayanes of Mendoza, and is finishing her English interpreter career. She is passionate for gastronomy and fine wine and will know how to guide you towards the best tables and cellars in Mendoza. In her own words, each tour must be a unique and unmatchable moment for each one of her guests.
What surprises me most about the Mendoza region? The true peacefulness of spirit and easygoing lifestyle of its inhabitants. We know that in order to enjoy life, like with fine wine, we must be patient and attentive. We must learn to take things easily and have the right timing.”


Ricardo, English-speaking eno-tourism specialist since 2005, studied at the Aconcagua University in Mendoza. His first activities as an English interpreter put him in touch with wine professionals and the world of wineries. Currently, he accompanies those who want to tour Argentina with good excuses: wine tasting and the heightening of the senses. Ricardo will know how to introduce you in the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Mendoza while guiding you through its vineyards.
What surprises me most about Mendoza? That its wines be appreciated as the most authentic expression of the land.”

Cuyo > San Juan & La Rioja


Carlos has a major in Tourism and has been working as a travel guide for five years in the San Juan and La Rioja provinces. Originally from San Juan, Carlos practices mountaineering in his spare time and is passionate for archeology, mainly the Incan sanctuaries. Besides his tourism activities, he has a major in Biology and regrets not having enough time to devote himself to studying animal and plant life. His innate curiosity, a special talent for communication and his seriousness will seduce you immediately.
What surprises me most about San Juan and La Rioja? Discovering the footprints of men and civilizations which inhabited the region before us.

Jorge Luis

Jorge Luis is an experienced guide and well-known mountaineer. He has even participated in the ascension of Mt. Shishapangma in Tibet. But Jorge Luis is above all an enologist and knows the properties of San Juan wines by heart. He could even write their history! He currently enjoys verbally passing on this passion and paleontology, and with reason. Talampaya and Ischigualasto Parks provide the material required to dig into Earth’s past. Jorge Luis is a man full of warmth and will be a more than pleasant companion to learn to love this region of Argentina.
What surprises me most about San Juan and La Rioja? The spectacle of the landscapes is a reality, but the past still lives in them and invites us to seek it.

Nord Ouest > Salta & Jujuy


Gonzalo is an English and a Spanish-speaking guide, and has a major in Tourism. His is passionate for geology, particularly structural geology and mineralogy. Photography fans will be able to share their passion with Gonzalo, who made this his number one hobby. He will know how to advise you on the locations for the best shots and will take you to corners saved only for those who feel that mysterious excitement and fascination generated by natural beauty. At the end of your trip, it will be very hard to say goodbye to Gonzalo.
What surprises me most about the Northwest? The unimaginable diversity of landscapes, the richness of its history, the force of its traditions… the simplicity and kindness of its people.”


Fabian, known as Bubu, was born in Salta. His French father taught him the language. Like Molière, he will not express himself in alexandrines but in prose to speak of the Andes, the Puna, the Sierras of the Pampas, as well as of archeology, the Incas, the Omaguacas, the Diaguitas, the gauchos, wine and the vine-stock of the Calchaqui Valley. It is clear: Fabian is also known for his important cultural baggage, marked in the curiosity of his spirit.
What surprises me most about the Northwest? The fascination it provokes in those who visit it.


Agustin has always lived in Salta, city he would never exchange for another. Besides this city, his passion extends to the entire natural heritage of these two provinces, which he knows like the palm of his hand. Careful and prudent behind the wheel, he is known for his generous character, his professionalism, his kindness and his incredible capacity for making friends. Taking visitors from all over to his favorite locations, preparing them, initiating them in the adventure, telling them stories… there resides his greatest pleasure.
What surprises me most about the Northwest? Each journey is unique, landscapes mutate indefinitely.


Federico was born en Salta, where his whole family lives. He has always lived in Argentina, except from the 2 years he has spent travelling around France, from Lyon to Toulouse. He studied French language and tourism, in order to become a great guide. And that’s what he is, one of the best drivers-guides in the North West, able to talk French as well as English. He is passionate of ornithology and geology, and he can explain everything about the Quebrada de las Conchas and the Argentinian Puna. Kind and gentle, he is THE perfect guide to discover the North West of Argentina.
What surprises me most about Argentina? The road 40 and its various landscapes calling you to the adventure!


Agustín est un guide hors-pair pour découvrir sa région d’élection, le Nord-ouest. Passionné par la nature, il ne manque jamais de signaler ce qui est à voir, ou plutôt à admirer. Inlassable sur tout ce qui concerne la formation des paysages stupéfiants de la région, il identifie les roches, les strates géologiques, etc. De même, il est en mesure de nommer les essences d’arbre, les plantes, mais aussi les mammifères et, surtout, les oiseaux. Agustin joint à ses connaissances un véritable respect pour la nature comme pour les hommes qui l’habitent et la visitent.
Ce qui me surprend le plus dans le Noroeste ? C’est l’imprévu de la nature : les rencontres fascinantes avec les animaux sauvages, les lumières et couleurs toujours différentes.

Corrientes & Misiones > Esteros del Iberá, Mocona


Roberto comes from a Swiss family which settled in the Misiones province three generations ago. Graduated in Tourism, and guiding since 1999, he will be able to narrate the history of the Argentine Northeast in English, Spanish or German. Trips for him are a way of getting away from it all, like reading, and thanks to that he is well learned and of a pragmatic spirit. He is very professional, pleasant and attentive, and the ideal guide for those passionate for ornithology.
What surprises me most about Misiones and Corrientes? The fusion of the crimson red of the earth and the eternal green of the forest.

Misiones, Iguazú


Patricia has 20 years experience in tourism, and masters, apart from Spanish, French and English. An expert in fauna and flora, Patricia knows about the latest discoveries made by naturalists who study that region whose unique vegetation has been protected by UNESCO since 1984. A synonym for diversity and harmony, the Iguazu falls have become a necessity for her throughout time…
What surprises me most about Misiones? Being face to face with toucans, coatis, the orchids’ smell after the rain, the taste of fruits…nature- the result of destiny or divine creation?”


Hary studied tourism in Brazil and can speak Spanish as well as English, German and Portuguese. After having worked as a guide for 27 years, 25 of which in the region, he is now a great connoisseur of the Iguazu Falls, which have become, according to him, his only home. Attentive and cultivated guide, he will initiate you into the essentials of that region on the border of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.
What surprises me most in Misiones? The charming fusion of the falls with the Amazon jungle, and all the biodiversity which the falls drain around them.


Mathias studied Tourism in Buenos Aires. Speaking Spanish and English, he accompanies you through the Amazon paths which meander among the 260 Iguazú falls and which grant you direct access to the jungle in Misiones and in the Paraná river…The falls have, according to him, a relaxing effect. It is a spectacle with a unique tranquilizing power.
What surprises me most in Misiones?” The sensation, when penetrating into the rainforest or when discovering the falls, of returning to the origins of the earth… of rediscovering a wild, untouched nature.”

Buenos Aires


Sergio has the heart of a porteño. A social sciences investigator and published novelist (in France and Argentina), he has also been professor at the Paris VIII University. Composer, singer and a fan of milongas, he combines his passion for tango with a unique knowledge of the city’s customs. He knows like few people not only the key to unlocking the city’s soul, but also the stories, anecdotes and legends with which Buenos Aires is sown. From the Folklore Fair in Mataderos to the weekly popular festivals and the enigmatic Recoleta cemetery, Sergio is the inevitable guide to the “fair airs” that circulate through the Rio de la Plata.
What surprises me most about Buenos Aires? That it’s enough to simply glance towards the roofs or witness people’s everyday lives, to live an amazement which is renewed instant by instant.


Clara worked as a translator before becoming a French teacher and librarian in Buenos Aires. Her work in this field led her to conduct research on the Aéropostale and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, becoming a specialist on the matter. She lived in France and has visited Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Russia. Today she has become a travel guide in a city which she cannot live without.
What surprises me most about Buenos Aires: the coming of so many men and women of different horizons, all peacefully cohabiting on the same soil


A polyglot (apart from his native tongue, he dominates English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German), Gabriel studies for German translator and Tourism guide. Even though he began his professional tourism career only a few years ago, his life experience, his passion for history, gastronomy and his country’s soccer make him the ideal person to accompany you on your trip through Argentina.
What surprises me most about Buenos Aires? Having found a more than interesting blend between the European and Latin American cultures.”

María Laura

Professeur de français durant des années, María Laura saura vous faire découvrir Buenos Aires dans la langue de Molière, mais aussi en anglais, en italien, en portugais et, bien sûr, en castellano. Ses connaissances sur Buenos Aires sont une excellente porte d’entrée pour s’initier aux charmes des quartiers porteños, pour comprendre leur architecture, leur histoire et aller à la rencontre de ses habitants. Guide depuis plusieurs années, elle vous transmettra mieux que quiconque l’enthousiasme que suscite chez elle la capitale argentine.
Ce qui me surprend le plus à Buenos Aires ? L’hétérogénéité de cette ville, qui est son son essence même… Egalement, son offre culturelle vraiment impressionnante.


Emiliano is an English and Spanish speaking guide, in love with Buenos Aires. He takes on this fantastic capital city in two ways: indirectly from a historical point of view, focusing on the porteños’ cosmopolitan character; and metaphorically, from art, tango and the eclectic architecture of Buenos Aires, a city in which there has been no hesitation – as he explains – in blending in European styles. It is thus clear that Emiliano is passionate as he is generous: he loves discovering this city of a thousand faces and sharing the impressions with his guests.
What surprises me most about Buenos Aires? Little does it matter where you come from, this city is willing to surprise and please everyone.”


Augustina has a degree in Philosophy and writes in travel magazines. She knows Buenos Aires from its historical facet to its mythological heart. Tango, soccer and murals of the southern neighborhoods are the more finished expressions of the porteño spirit. Fine cuisine and design are the new faces of a Buenos Aires which day by day is becoming a more cosmopolitan city.
What surprises me most about Buenos Aires? Its versatility. In different corners we find bits of Paris, Madrid or Barcelona. Italy is always around the corner. Its blend of styles is the same as that of its people: well predisposed and happy to receive visitors. Buenos Aires is a party. Each moment there are new cultural, gastronomic and nocturnal proposals. A must!”


Taking advantage of his perfect domain of English, German and Italian, and after studying and working as an architect, Alejandro oriented himself towards translation. Alejandro is Argentine and has traveled extensively as a guide abroad and within the country, currently dedicated to Buenos Aires and its diverse richness. For those interested in history, art and architecture, Alejandro is a first-rate guide, and his company is very enjoyable.
What surprises me most about Buenos Aires? Its cultural diversity which today beats with the same intensity in every corner, in each neighborhood, in every tango.

Patagonia > El Calafate & Torres del Paine


Pilar teaches yoga and is a travel guide in El Calafate. Originally from Buenos Aires, she lived in Paris before definitely settling in the Santa Cruz province where she exercises her profession. She is above all a lover of the magnificence of the natural spectacles offered by the great glaciers, the monolithic peaks of Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine, as well as the many intense blues which dye the lands of Patagonia. In this region, Pilar finds a true energy source which, with her natural warmth and expressiveness, will share with you during your stay.
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? The overwhelming color palette of Los Glaciares National Park in March and April.


Danilo is a polyglot of Swiss origin, and has a perfect domain of English, Italian, Portuguese and French, his mother tongue. He has two leitmotivs in life: travel and nature. Born in the Entre Rios province, he has lived and worked as a travel guide in Patagonia for 15 years. His impressive culture and his experience and knowledge of these lands make Danilo an easygoing and highly qualified guide.
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? Its geographical location, suspended in immensity. The possibility of feeling a bit like a pioneer.


Vilma, English and French-speaking guide since 2001, currently lives in El Calafate. After studying in Paris, she returned to Argentina to continue her academic formation in tourism. Nature and the environment are her favorite hobbies. Ingenious and dynamic, Vilma will take great pleasure in helping you discover and love the Argentine Patagonia. Excursions in a warm and fun ambience, guaranteed!
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? The tranquility and the colors of the sunset.


Cecilia settled in El Calafate in 1997, where she worked mainly in hotels to later become a travel guide thanks to her good English, Portuguese and Italian skills, motivated by the passion for these lands of virgin spaces. Of affable temperament, she will respond to your urges for discovery and returning to the origins, taking care of you and offering her in depth knowledge of this region.
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? That it offers everything needed to comfort the sight and soul… To return calm to our universe, sitting and contemplating the Perito Moreno Glacier is enough.


Laura studied English in Florida, U.S.A. In 2001 she chose to settle in Patagonia where she fell in love with her professional travel guide activities. Laura is kind, altruist and loves traveling and guiding her guests, particularly those who like taking their time to contemplate and fully live what is going on around them, disconnecting from everything, achieving the true essence of a journey.
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? People’s reception, their joy of living and moments shared in the sublime unreal landscapes of the great glaciers.

Patagonia > El Chaltén


Manuel is an IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations) mountain guide, who speaks English, French, and Spanish and has resided at El Chaltén for 10 years now. Manuel runs his own company El Chaltén Mountain Guides and is a WFR (Wilderness First Responder, NOLS). He has worked as mountain guide at the Canadian Rockies, the Bugaboos (Canada), the White Mountain Range (Peru), the Torres del Paine (Chile), the Alps and throughout Argentina. He has climbed the Aguja Guillaumet eight times, and has managed to achieve the first free ascent of the Seventh Rifle route at the North Howser Tower in the Bugaboos, among other accomplishments. He is passionate about alpine rock climbing.
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? The magic that comes from the nature, in particular from the mountains.


Sergio is an AAGM (Argentine Mountain Guide Association) trekking guide. He resides at Lago Posadas, but comes every season to work at El Chaltén. He is a passionate rock climber. Sergio has climbed the Fitz Roy last year. His top pursuit: to be an UIAGM guide. He has plenty of passion and patience for mountains.
What surprises me most about the Patagonia Glaciers? The warmth of Argentinean people, which makes visitors never feel lonely despite the huge spaces.

Tierra del Fuego > Rio Grande & Ushuaia

María Silvia

María Silvia, first generation of French immigrants born in Buenos Aires, has been living in Tierra del Fuego since 1983 with her husband and two daughters. This guide, interpreter since her arrival to Isla Grande and tourism professor in the Patagonia University in Ushuaia, specialized in rural tourism and southern plant species. She is a nature and photography lover and takes advantage of this “end of the world” to transmit to the traveler the passion she feels for a region she knows by heart.
What surprises me most about Tierra del Fuego? Untouched nature and the warmth of its inhabitants.


Laura is a porteña who, after finishing her studies in 1986, decided to settle in Ushuaia. She chose the wonderful opportunity tourism activity offers in Tierra del Fuego: getting in touch with people eager to enjoy Argentina and a life in communion with nature. Her interest in discovering the region led her to participate in different initiatives which helped her become a true connoisseur of the far south of this country. She enjoys sharing walks with her guests and discovering little by little the wildlife, vegetation and the inner works of the land and marine ecosystems. She enjoys walking and sailing… even the white continent.
What surprises me most about Tierra del Fuego? The possibility of continuing to discover treasures still unlocked.

Patagonia > Valdés Peninsula


Martin is an English-speaking travel guide who has been living in the Valdes Peninsula region for 10 years now. In his beginnings, he worked for several years in estancias in the peninsula, organizing private excursions. Not only does he know every detail of the 400 square km (250 square miles) of the peninsula, but also of the wildlife which inhabits the coast and the interior of these surprising lands.
What surprises me most about Atlantic Patagonia? In this region we can flavor the essential, the simplest and most authentic human relations, a natural environment we have been able to preserve which offers us in return a spectacle I never tire of admiring.


Luis is from Mendoza and works as a French-speaking guide in the Chubut province since 1999. He was initially a sport instructor; he then began his studies in natural and biological sciences. Luis is not an improvised naturalist: he is knowledgeable on botany, birds and land and marine mammals of Patagonia, especially of Valdes Peninsula.
What surprises me most about Atlantic Patagonia? At first sight, its landscapes seem desert-like. In reality, animal and plant life in this region is of an extraordinary density and diversity. It is a true labyrinth for photographers and naturalists.”