Cruise on the Lago Argentino, El Calafate, in Argentinean Patagonia

This wonderful tour will take you to the Lago Argentino, to discover the glaciers of Patagonia.


In the late afternoon, a driver of our team picks you up at your hotel in El Calafate and takes you to embark at Bahía Tranquila port.
El Calafate is a small city of 17.000 inhabitants 320 km at the North-west of Río Gallegos, at the heart of the Patagonian Pampa. Isolated, on the shores of Argentino Lake , it is the only one with the structure to host visitors and excursions to the glaciers. It is part of the country’s air network thanks to an airport situated 15 minutes from the center.
At 19h30 you board the Santa Cruz. After a welcome drink, the crew will be introduced to you and you will take possession of your cabin. You start sailing on Lago Argentino , the biggest lake in Patagonia, with a surface of 1.466 km². You will be able to see drifted icebergs, sculpted by water, and with all the blue and grey hues of Light.
Around 20h, you reach Bahía Alemana, near Peninsula Avellaneda, a magnificently wooded land.
Dinner : on board.
Accommodation : at Bahia Alemana.


This day is devoted to the exploration of two glaciers which will leave you speechless. Since 9h you sail towards the North Branch, you go by the end of the Avellaneda peninsula and take the Boca del Diablo, the narrowest passage in the lake (800m).
You will then see the magnificent Spegazzini glacier, after having taken the canal with the same name. Its height may reach 135 m, its view is captivating: it may be compared to an ice river abruptly plunging on the lake.
During the afternoon, the boat Santa Cruz stops at Bahia de las Vacas, from where you appreciate the incredible viewpoints on the Spegazzini glacier. You may disembark and visit the Las Vacas refuge with the guides from the boat. You then continue the navigation up to Bahía Toro, through Seno Mayo.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner : on board.
Accommodation : at Bahía Toro.


You sail along Seno Brazo and you disembark near the Perito Moreno. You cross the forest and access Mayor glacier followed by Negro glacier. You continue on your cruise along the Canal de los Témpanos up to Perito Moreno glacier, the most famous glacier in Patagonia. The highlight of the cruise, you skirt its 60 meter walls along 2.5 km. This is one of the few glaciers that continue to advance, approximately 700 m every year. Blocks of ice are permanently breaking off making a strong thunder and offering an unforgettable show.
Breakfast and lunch: on board. Lunch facing the Perito Moreno. You will have the pleasure of admiring it calmly from the deck.