Estancia stay in Argentina : Córdoba – 2

Travel around Córdoba : estancias la Paz, Dos Lunas and La Constancia.


Description: one of our drivers will greet you at Ezeiza airport. After an initial tour around downtown Buenos Aires, you can spend the afternoon visiting the city or resting at the hotel (“day use”). Before departing for Córdoba you will be given a detailed briefing at your hotel around a map, by one of our operations representatives. After a 1h15 min flight, you will be driven to Estancia La Paz. This impressive and beautiful estancia is truly historic, as it was the residence of Julio Argentino Roca, elected president of Argentina twice at the turn of the 20th century. La Paz witnessed the political and social developments of Argentina until the 1930s. Its typical late 19th century decor has been faithfully restored. The garden was designed by the French landscape architect Charles Thays.
Distances: the estancia is 50 km (31 miles) from Cordoba airport, 40 minutes on paved road.
Lunch: not included.
Day use: Purobaires Boutique Hotel or equivalent.
Dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Paz.


Description: your first day will be spent at the estancia. You can choose between several activities, such as horseback rides with one of the owners or a peaceful carriage ride around the property. You’ll discover this beautiful estate little by little, passing through hills, falling in love with the aromas and sounds of these 2,000 hectares of land crossed by 8 km (5 miles) of rivers. One of the estancia’s main attractions is the rowing boat trip on the lake near the property, whose water flows from the Ascochinga River. The activities are varied, and the estancia’s staff will be at your disposal to make your stay at La Paz unforgettable.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Paz.


Description: when it comes to witnessing the influence of the Jesuits, Córdoba is the place to visit. From 1599 to 1767, the Company of Jesus set up a unique social, cultural, religious, economic and geographical system in Latin America. Its order, centralized in the city of Cordoba, was organized around the creation of educational and spiritual institutions. To guarantee the economic support of these great enterprises a system of estancias was planned: agricultural production estates throughout the rest of the province. You will visit three out of six of these estancias, since the others are quite far from Cordoba. Each one has a history of its own: Jesus Maria, one of the loveliest, was built in 1618, a time in which the Jesuits started trading wine to pay for the cost of Cordoba University; Colonia Caroya, built in 1616, is one of the first estancias that functioned as a boarding school for students at Montserrat School. The circuit finishes at Estancia Santa Catalina, founded in 1622: one of the most beautiful locations of the Cordoba Mountains, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At that time, it was the Jesuits’ main livestock center and had thousands of heads of cattle. Its church, of Central European baroque style, is an authentic jewel.
Lunch: picnic prepared at the Estancia La Paz.
Dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Paz.


Description: as you cross the estancia’s park, you will immediately feel immersed in the gauchos’ universe. At La Paz corn, wheat and soy are grown over 1000 hectares of land; an 800-hectare area of land is devoted to cattle grazing: Córdoba’s Aberdeen Angus bulls are highly prestigious. Another 200-hectare area is devoted to the breeding of polo horses, not only for export, but also for practicing at the estancia. Depending on the season, you’ll be able to participate in different country activities: cattle branding, lassoing, criollo riding, taming and training polo horses. When the sun begins to set, you’ll be able to relax at the estancia’s spa and swimming pool.
Optional: you can also play golf on an 18-hole course, located near the estancia, in Ascochinga (15 minutes). This activity is included in the price.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Paz.


Description: after breakfast, you will depart northwest to the Estancia Dos Lunas. The estancia is built in the Ongamira Valley, 120 km (75 miles) from Córdoba. After your brief journey to the past, it is time to discover the most attractive landscape scenery in the province. Los Terrones appear along the road: clusters of 130-million-year-old sedimentary rocks of reddish sandstone, molded by erosion. When crossing Los Sauces River, which appears intermittently along the road, the show becomes sensational. You will then be inside the 3000 hectares of the estancia with the most wonderful natural attractions. Sunshine, subtropical vegetation, experiences, fresh air and fine gastronomy… undoubtedly, the place you were craving for.
Distances: 45 km (28 miles) of dirt roads.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia Dos Lunas.


Description: in the morning you’ll set off for an unforgettable half-day excursion. You’ll start with the Ongamira National Park: this area was inhabited by groups of nomad natives who belong to the Ayampitin culture. The ascent begins through an easy access road, up to a viewpoint where Los Terrones, red sandstone hills, may be observed. This circuit has a 20-minute stretch of rubble road which is done by car and you then continue on foot (1 hour) along a path that your guide will show you. Then, you’ll take the Provincial Route 60 to get to Ischilin, a town founded in the 18th century in which you’ll be able to contemplate Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church, a beautiful example of colonial architecture. Located a few miles away is the house of the famous Argentinean painter Fader, which has been turned into a museum. The rest of the day will be spent at the estancia, in a rural, peaceful and calm environment. This antique family house, bought by a group of Englishmen at the turn of the 20th century, was preserved with its original style, its period furniture and elegant decoration. The estancia has 5 rooms and a lovely swimming pool.
Distances: 80 km (50 miles) circuit through dirt roads.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia Dos Lunas.


Description: spend a day enjoying the facilities of the estancia, whose distinctive feature is the pathways that can be toured on foot or by horse. There is a wide range of options for all tastes and skill levels. We have outlined three of the best options below. For the “equestrian” option, a quick visit to the saddle room, where the gauchos saddle up and prepare the horses, is mandatory. All the necessary equipment can be borrowed.
Option 1: intermediate level riders will love the horse ride to the Quebrada de la Luna (7 hours). The first stretch will be through the mountains (3 hours). At lunch time, you will stop for a picnic at Quebrada de la Luna. A unique moment: you and your horse facing the immensity of a dreamy landscape. You will then pass through viewpoints of great beauty: El Cajon and Cruz del Eje dams and Salinas Grandes.
Option 2: the “River Horse Ride” is a-4-hour equestrian circuit for the less experienced. This ride also offers unforgettable natural beauty. After exiting Dos Lunas you will cross the neighboring field to reach the Copacabana River, which you will skirt. You’ll be surprised at the landscape of palm trees, where wild donkeys and goats will follow you along the way.
Option 3: those who prefer walking may choose the “Walk to Los Patos Dam”, a 1-to-2-hour hike. Behind the saddle room, a path opens up across the woods. Without too much difficulty, thanks to your guide’s assistance, you will end up in one of the beautiful Los Terrones landscapes. To round off the day, a delicious tea with homemade bread and baked goods will be waiting for those who wish to partake.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia Dos Lunas.


Description: after lunch, your expedition will continue southwards, where Estancia La Constancia is located, 1400 meters (4595 feet) above sea level, in the heart of the mountains of the Quebrada del Tigre. You will enjoy your stay in this peaceful haven which covers 1200 hectares of vegetation and offers a microclimate known for its warm temperatures and pure air. The history of this estancia dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Jose Arias Moreno, sick with tuberculosis, traveled from the Province of Santiago del Estero in search of a healing climate for his disease. Originally, La Constancia was nothing more than simple adobe walls with a straw roof. Currently, it has 9 suites and all the amenities of a first-class hotel.
Distances: 210 km (130 miles) of paved road between the estancias.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Constancia.


Description: today you’ll be able to choose between various activities:
Option 1: horseback riding through the Traslasierra Valley. You will have to go deep into the woods to hear the song of the birds and the flying gurnard (a kind of grasshopper). Great for ornithology lovers, since over 250 species of birds inhabit the region, as well as abundant fauna: foxes, iguanas, hares and pumas.
Option 2: experience a well-known art in this region: falconry. The course begins with a general presentation of the discipline, followed by field excursions with hawks, eagles or sparrowhawks to carry out flights. The following day, you can experience your first day of hunting with the birds of prey. If falconry interests you, this course will offer you the chance to get to know almost every secret of an art practiced since the middle ages. This is a 2-day program, subject to weather conditions and requiring a minimum of 4 people. It can be done all year round.
Option 3: climb to the peak of Mt. Champaqui, 2754 meters (9035 feet) – a 4-hour walk from the estancia along 1400 meters (4595 feet) of uneven terrain. The peak will offer you the gift of a magnificent panoramic view of the entire region.  The trekking at Mt. Champaqui is included in the price and it includes a picnic for lunch.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Constancia.


Description: one last day for enjoying the estancia. Walk along the San Javier River and refresh yourself in the natural pools formed by its waterfalls. That same water feeds the pool of the estancia. This luxurious country house with its 9 rooms, exceptional surroundings, docile horses and fantastic cuisine will help you to recharge your batteries and recover your energies.
Lunch, dinner and accommodation: Estancia La Constancia.


Description: you’ll leave the estancia after lunch to take a 75 min flight to Buenos Aires. After the transfer and once you’ve settled in at your hotel, you’ll be able to discover the city, or if you prefer, go shopping. The leather goods and gaucho articles shops offer typical and original products. In the evening, a dinner show will offer you the passion and grace of tango. Argentina continues to reveal its soul…
Lunch: at the Estancia La Constancia.
Dinner show: at Complejo Tango restaurant or equivalent, VIP seats.
Accomodation: Casa Calma Hotel or equivalent.


Description: before leaving for the airport, you’re free to discover Buenos Aires and/or, if you prefer, go shopping. The leather-goods and gaucho articles shops offer typical and original products. The city tour goes through 9 de Julio, the widest avenue in the world with its 65 meter (213 feet) obelisk and Avenida de Mayo, which is well known for its buildings of Galician architectural influence. At Plaza de Mayo you will discover the Casa Rosada, the president’s HQ. You will then visit the La Boca neighborhood, with its colorful houses made with materials recovered from ships, inspiration for painters and poets. You then discover San Telmo, home to antique shops and traditional tango bars. Recoleta is a traditional residential neighborhood, where walking is a true pleasure due to its numerous parks and squares. To end the tour, you’ll visit Puerto Madero, the old city port which has recently been completely refurbished.
Option: flight over Buenos Aires in a private helicopter. Get an unforgettable panoramic view of Buenos Aires from 200 m in the air, 30-to-45-min tour, covering around 100km.
Lunch: at the Gardiner restaurant or similar.
Dinner and night: on the plane.