Architecture Buenos Aires: Alvear Avenue and its surroundings

Architecture Buenos Aires: Alvear Avenue and its surroundings

Alvear Avenue and its surroundings

Four Seasons, Buenos Aires

Alvear Avenue is located in Recoleta neighborhood. It is considered one of the most elegant avenues in the world where you can find luxurious palaces with French style from the 20th century, built by the first inhabitants of the area.

Nowadays, the majority of the buildings have been turned into embassies, fashion boutiques, famous jewelry shops, antique shops, and even art galleries.



1. Duhau Palace

It was built in 1930 by Duhau family, this palace has neoclassic style and was later turned into the current Park Hyatt Hotel.

2. Harilaos de Olmos Palace

Today it is the Vatican Embassy; this Palace was opened in 1909 by Fernández-Anchorena family and bought in 1920 by wealthy heir Adelia María Harilaos de Olmos who donated it to the Vatican.

3. Ortiz Basualdo Palace

It was designed in 1912 by French Architect Paul Pater, this great Fine-Art-style palace is nowadays the French Embassy.

4. Pereda Palace

Brazil Embassy since 1943, this monument was built by Architects Louis Martin and Jules Dormal between 1919 and 1936.

5. Unzué Casares Palace

It was created in 1882 at the request of President Carlos Pellegrini and, the building is nowadays Buenos Aires Jockey Club.

Alvear Palace Hotel

A world reference for deluxe hotels, Buenos Aires Alvear Palace Hotel combines Louis XVI European elegance with avant-garde design and service.

7. Patio Bullrich

Buenos Aires most elegant shopping mall.