Tango guide in Buenos Aires

Tango guide in Buenos Aires

All what you need to know about the tango; listening, reading, learning, exhibitions and festivals.

Tango festival in Buenos-Aires

University of Tango, opened in 1991 for professionals and it also offers seminars specialized in the history of tango. Open to the public (Agrelo 3231).

Festivals in Buenos Aires:
– Buenos Aires Tango Festival, in February-March, there are courses, exhibitions, concerts.
World Championship of tango dance, international dance championship, in August.
– Metropolitan Championship of Tango only for porteños takes place at the milongas and is held in qualifying competitions for several months.
– International Congress of Argentine Tango in March: a course given by the best teachers.
– International Tango Queer Festival of Buenos Aires, whose first edition was held at the end of November – beginning of December, 2007.

Gardel Museum

– World Museum of Tango (National Academy of Tango): Rivadavia 830 (Monday through Friday 2:30 pm-7:30 pm)
– Carlos Gardel’s house: Jean Jaures 735

A radio station: 2×4 on FM 92.7

A television program: Tango City

Los Angelitos

Publications :
– BA Tango, El Tangauta, Punto Tango and Tango Map Guide, freely distributed, inform about the schedule of the milongas and courses apart from other related articles.
– La Porteña Tango, monthly publication of the University of Tango, essential for those interested in the history and news of tango.

Courses :
It is not easy to choose among the dozens of teachers that nowadays offer courses of tango… You must consider that many milongas offer courses before dancing. The magazines and the sites provide you with the list of places and timetables. Some schools have been opened in the last years.

Tango show in Querandi

Discos: you can’t miss
– First generation: Carlos Gardel , Francisco Canaro, Roberto Firpo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Julio de Caro, Carlos Di Sarli
– 1940s: Osvaldo Pugliese, Aníbal Troilo, Miguel Caló, Horacio Salgán, Juan D’Arienzo, Rodolfo Biagi
– Contemporary: Astor Piazzolla, Roberto Goyeneche, Sexteto Mayor, Cuarteto Cedrón, Adriana Varela, Susana Rinaldi, Silvana Deluigi
– Electronic tango: Gotan Project, Tanghetto, Bajo Fondo Tango Club

Tango show, Rojo Tango

Shoe and accesories shops:
Tango Brujo, Esmeralda 754
Artesanal, Riobamba 448 and Anchorena 537
Neo Tango, Sarmiento 1938
Comme il Faut, Arenales 1239
Darcos, Suipacha 259

piazzolla tango

Dinner- Shows:
Tango dinner-shows have been multiplied in the last years to satisfy the demand. You have some suggestions below:
– La Esquina Carlos Gardel, Pasaje Carlos Gardel 3200
– Rojo Tango, Hotel Faena, Martha Salotti 445
– Complejo Tango, Belgrano 2608
– Esquina Homero Manzi, San Juan 3601
– Café de Los Angelitos, Rivadavia 2100
– Piazzolla Tango, Florida 165
– Michelangelo, Balcarce 433 – La Ventana, Balcarce 431

Tango show in Querandi

Some movies:
– Tangos, el exilio de Gardel (1985) by Fernando Solanas
– Sur (1988) by Fernando Solanas
– La lección de tango (1997) by Sally Potter
– Tango (1998) by Carlos Saura
– Assassination Tango (2002) by Robert Duvall

What to read :
– Our Tango glossary.
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