Museums of Buenos Aires

Museums of Buenos Aires

Our seleccion of the best museums by neighbourhoud in Buenos Aires




The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Museum of Latin American Art) – a cultural icon in Buenos Aires – was created by Constantini in 2001. Constantini ordered the construction of this magnificent, bright and exclusive museum to present his extensive private collection. The first floor displays 200 works by the most important Latin America artists, whereas the second floor features permanent exhibitions. Not to miss: a thematic cinema program, and a pleasant and trendy cafe & restaurant.
Hours: thursday to monday 12 am – 8 pm, wed. till 9 pm, close on tuesday. Address: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415 / Phone: 4808 6500 / 6515.

National Museum of Decorative Arts

The Errázuriz Palace, built between 1911 and 1917, is one of the most beautiful examples of eclectic French architecture, which was the prevailing style in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the century. The magnificent building where the National Museum of Decorative Art is housed, and the outstanding art collection of the Errázuriz family (specially, Rodin) make this place a cultural must stopover. Also, it offers one of the most friendly terrace cafes in the city.
Hours: tuesday to sunday 2 to 7 pm, close on monday.
Address: Av. del Libertador 1902 / Phone: 4801 8248 / 4802 6606.

Sivori Museum of Plastic Arts

This modest museum, located in the park of Palermo stands out for several reasons: first of all, because its collection allows visitors to appreciate over 4,000 Argentine works of art ranging from the beginning of the 19th century to date; second, its temporary contemporary exhibitions are usually impressive; third, the museum has a quiet and intimate garden with a terrace cafe where beautiful sculptures are exhibited… Ideal to enjoy a relaxing sightseeing in Buenos Aires.
Hours: tuesday to friday 12 am – 8 pm, sat., sunday, pub. holi. 10 am – 8 pm. Addess: Av. Infanta Isabel 555 / Phone: 4774 9452 / 4772 5628.

Evita Museum

This Museum evokes the life of a worldwide icon: Eva Perón. The museum, which was founded in 2002, is established in a notable building of the beginning of the 20th century, which was purchased by the social assistance foundation called Fundación de Ayuda Social María Eva Duarte de Perón in 1948 … An undeniable icon. With the exhibition of objects, photos, and images of that age, the museum is an invitation to get to know better one of the key times in Argentine history. The museum also offers a magnificent café & restaurant.
Hours: tuesday to sunday 11 am to 7 pm (Cafe, mon. to sunday 9 am to 12 pm). Address: Lafinur 2988 (cafe entry Gutierrez street) / Phone: 4832 7711.

La Recoleta


National Museum of Fine Arts

With over 10,000 art works, the Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Arts is an important cultural place of this capital city. On the ground floor, visitors may find European pieces of arts, both classic and modern, ranging from Goya to Picasso. The first floor exhibits a collection of renowned Argentine artists, such as: Sívori, Quinquela Martin or Xul Solar, and also other emerging artists. There are often high-quality temporary exhibits, and a huge library.
Hours: tues. to friday 12h30 pm to 8h30 pm, sat. and sun. 9h30 to 8h30 pm. Address: Av. Libertador 1473 / Phone: 5288 9900.

Palais de Glace

Very close to the Museum of Fine Arts, and opposite Recoleta Cultural Center, Palais de Glace offers diverse temporary exhibitions on architecture, photography, and paintings, usually based on current topics. Specially focused on visual arts, this museum particularly offers photojournalistic works exhibitions on a regular basis. We strongly recommend that visitors get informed on current exhibitions before visiting the museum. Note: the splendid dome on the second floor.
Hours: tuesday to friday 12 pm to 8 pm, saturday to sunday 10 am to 8 pm.
Address: Posadas 1725 / Phone: 4804 1163.

Museo Xul Solar

Xul Solar, one of the most eccentric and unique Argentine artists, lived in this building until his death in 1963. The museum displays his incomparable style works, watercolor paintings and, especially, sculptures, heavily influenced by esotericism. Defined as “the most extraordinary man in this country ever” by his friend Borges, he left his mark on national art history. Definitely, an artist worth getting to know.
Hours: tuesday to friday 12 pm to 8 pm, saturday 12 pm to 7 pm.
Address: Laprida 1212 / Phone: 4824 3302.

Hispano-american Art Museum Isaac Fernandez Blanco

The Noel building that houses the museum is a precious place to visit itself. This neo-colonial Palace (built in 1922) has a garden inspired in the Spanish culture which seems exotic in the middle of Retiro neighborhood full of skyscrapers. The museum invites visitors to learn about Spanish colonial art, ranging from the handcrafts of Jesuit missions of the northeast to the works from the Gold Age in Peru…The museum evokes art throughout the Hispanic-American colonization.
Hours: tuesday to friday 2 pm to 7 pm, saturday and sunady 11 am to 7 pm. Address: Suipacha 1422 / Phone: 4327 0228.



Museo Gardel

Gardel, nicknamed “El Zorzal criollo”, lived in this house, which was originally donated to his mother, until 1933 when he went on what would be his last international tour, since his plane crashed in Colombia in 1935. This museum pays tribute to one of the greatest legends of Argentine culture through objects, CD cover sheets, original scores, photos and a wide range of tango shows, courses, and workshops.
Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays: 11 am – 6 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 10 am – 7 pm.
Address: Jean Jaurès 735 / Phone : 4782-9082.

Puerto Madero


Faena Art Center

Located in an old mill, surrounded by the skyscrapers of Puerto Madero, the new Faena Art Center is waiting for your visit. Close to the Hotel Faena, this beautiful and fully renovated building is a unique exhibition center and is now reference of contemporary art in Latin America.
Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays: 12 am to 7 pm.
Address: Aimé Paine 1169 – Puerto Madero.
Phone: 4010 9233.

Fortabat Museum

Since its inception in October 2008, this novel museum has attracted visitors with its unique architecture (made of steel and glass), 6,000 m² distributed in two floors, and huge aluminum shutters that amaze with the playful lighting of the sun and the stars. In the museum she founded, Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat exhibits most part of her extensive private collection, including local and international artists such as: Chagall, Klimt, Miró or Rodin…
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 20 pm / Address: Olga Cossettini 141 / Phone: 4310 6600.

Frigate Sarmiento

The frigate Sarmiento is an ancient training-boat from the Argentine marine. Called like that in honor to a former Argentine President, it is now a museum moored to the docks of Puerto Madero. This clipper, which has three masts as well as a steam-propeller, was built at the end of the XIXth century in the region of Liverpool. Used for the training of marines, 23.000 cadets and officers have taken lessons there, which has made the largest number of world tours. You discover period furniture; anecdotes lived by marines as well as stories of numerous voyages made by the frigate, all discovering the history of the Argentine Marine. Hours: from 10am to 7pm, from monday to sunday. Address: dique number 3, Puerto Madero.

San Telmo


El Zanjón de Granados

Discovered by chance in 1985 below a house of XIX century, 20 years were needed to be restored and open to the public. Nowadays a site where many historians locate the declaration of the foundation of Buenos Aires in 1536, it narrates the vicissitudes of the Argentine capital. With the visit to the building of the XIX century and its 150 m underground galleries, which are older, the visitors plunge into the everyday life of a porteño who lived 4 centuries ago. The building is made up of three parts: on the one hand Casa Minima, a narrow house of the XVIII century, on the other Los Patios and El Puente, two buildings of XVIII and XIX centuries which lead onto the archeological underground.
Opening hours (compulsory guided tours): Los Patios / El Puente > Monday through Friday from 11h to 16h, Sundays from 13h to 18h / Casa Minima > Monday through Friday only from 10h30 to 16h.
Address: Defensa 755 at the corner of Chile / Phone: 4361 3002.


The MAMBA was built in 1956 and inaugurated in 1986 in a 3,000 m² old tobacco factory, MAMBA is still less visited than MALBA or the PROA Fundation. This museum, however, features a permanent collection, which includes 6,000 Argentine works, ranging from the 1920s to date, as well as high-quality temporary exhibitions around video, music, installations…Conferences and workshops are also held at the museum. Hours: Temporarily closed for repairs.
Address: Adolfo Alsina 963 / Phone: 4342 3001/ 4342 2970.

La Boca


Quinquela Martín Museum

Quinquela Martín, an artist closely related to the history and soul of La Boca, made his native neighborhood known through his paintings until the date of his death. A school, an art workshop, and Quinquela Martin’s own residence were constructed in this building, which was initially donated by the artist. This center located on Pedro de Mendoza also offers a theatre, and a museum where his work and temporary exhibits are displayed. Not to miss: a collection of beautiful statutes of the 20th century on the terrace.
Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 10 am to 6 pm. Mondays closed.
Address: Av Pedro de Mendoza 1835 / Phone: 4301 1080.

PROA Foundation

This foundation is not only a benchmark in contemporary art in Argentina since its inauguration in 1996, but also a symbol of renovation of the popular neighborhood of La Boca. The museum, recently renovated, features temporary exhibits of international recognition on contemporary art, and also pieces of art in its all forms: installations, photo, video, music, design…Not to miss: a terrace cafe on the upper floor with a panoramic view to La Boca neighborhood.
Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 11 am – 8 pm. Mondays closed.
Address: Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929 / Phone: 4104 1000.