Restaurant Guide of Buenos Aires

Restaurant Guide of Buenos Aires

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A famous and well-known bar with a large wine list of Argentinean wines.
Chef: Gonzalo Sacot for signature and Fernando Trocca for the ordinary.
A.E’s opinion: we recommend having a drink here before or after dinner.
The best: a sophisticated environment which depicts the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.
Address: Sucre 676 (at the corner of Sucre and Castañeda)
Phone: 4782-9082.

Palermo Hollywood


Paraje Arévalo

This small restaurant for 25 persons offers a gastronomy rich in flavours.
Chef: Estefanía di Benedetto and Matías Kyriazis, a couple of young cooks.
A.E’s opinion: the opportunity to spend good moments by savouring good dishes.
The best: the charm of its simplistic decoration with its wooden tables, its photos in black and white and this bicycle 100-year-old.
Address: Arévalo 1502. Phone: 4775-7759.


Its excellent brunch and its gastronomic offer with its 7 courses at night use excepcional products, from marinated lamb to smoked trout.
Chef: Ed Holloway.
A.E.’s opinion: an amazing wine seleccion by the sommelier Andrés Rosberg.
The best: courses to share, tasting all king of options.
Adresse: Soler 5862. Phone: 11 3220 6800.

Restaurant Tegui

Probably THE restaurant in Palermo. A spacious environment and simple decoration to focus on what is essential, the cuisine. The dishes are works of art to be discovered.
Chef: Germán Martitegui.
AE’s opinion: artist’s cuisine.
The best: a confidential place.
Address: Costa Rica 5852 (at the corner of Carranza). Phone: 5291-3333.

Palermo Soho



A classical cuisine with a variety of good dishes and desserts.
The specialty: osso-buco risotto, fish trio en Papillotte.
Chef: Joaquín Alberdi and Luis Coluccio
A.E’s opinion: traditional and very well located.
The best: its open air patio
Address: Jorge Luis Borges 1757 (at the corner of Borges and Costa Rica).
Phone: 4831-3071.

La Cabrera

In the bucolic environment of Palermo Viejo, a delicious and hearty barbecue of Argentinean meat.
The specialty: loin with thyme, chicken brochette with orange and vodka.
Chef: Gastón Rivera.
A.E’s opinion: the perfect example of the Argentinean grill
The best: the variety of the side dishes served in small pots
Address: .J.A. Cabrera 5099 (at the corner of J.A. Cabrera and Thames).
Phone: 4831-7002.


A three-storey Indian peace haven, an example of intelligent vegetarian restaurant.
The specialty: the thali in all its shapes
Chef: D. Lopez Mariategui Da Kshakenya Devi.
A.E’s opinion: Its intriguing name which means… Hibiscus esculentus.
The best: the terrace which overlooks Palermo Viejo.
Address: Costa Rica 4562 (at the corner of Malabia). Phone: 4831-5556.

Little Rose

Discretely located on the first floor of a house in Palermo, a refined and elegant Japanese restaurant.
The specialty: sushi assortment.
A.E.’s opinion: great service and fresh and delicious cuisine, a top-of-the-range Japanese restaurant.
The best: its warm and calm ambience and its corners with sofas.
Address: Armenia 1672 (between Honduras and El Salvador) Phone: 4833-9496.

Steaks by Luis

This is not an average steaks dinner but a whole dining experience where the guests, in small committee, attend the ritual of asado in the purest Argentine tradition before tasting.
Speciality: the 5 course dinner menu with its 400g Premium Steak.
A.E.’s opinion: a confidential address to experience the true Argentinean asado.
The best: possibility to attend a private Tango show.
Address: Jeronimo Salguero 1410. Phone: 2363-8202.

Las Cañitas



Mediterranean and Latino cuisine in the relaxed ambience of a “porteño” brasserie.
Chef: Gabriel Medici.
A.E’s opinion: simple, efficient cuisine in one of the top porteños neighborhoods.
The best: its warm and relaxed ambience.
Address: Báez 199 (at the corner of Báez and Clay). Phone: 4778-1900.

San Nicolas


Tomo I

Gastronomy as religion and flavors as priesthood.
The specialty: duck magret with olives, lamb gigot.
Chef: Ada and Ebe Cóncavo sisters, a Golden Fork in 1980.
A.E’s opinion: we like the surprise menu which once a week does not appear on the menu: top secret.
The best: the table of hotel Panamericano de Buenos Aires facing the obelisk by Alberto Prebish, in De la República Park.
Address: Carlos Pellegrini 521 (at the corner of Pellegrini and Lavalle).
Phone: 4326-6695.



La Bourgogne

French tradition obliges the essence of taste physiology for one of the most appreciated restaurant in Buenos Aires.
The specialty: fish, lamb, deer, rabbit and duck.
Chef: Jean Paul Bondoux.
A.E’s opinion: an islet of pure French gastronomy in Latin America.
The best: the unique Relais Gourmand in Buenos Aires.
Address: Ayacucho 2027 (at the corner of Ayacucho and Alvear).
Phone: 4808-2100.

Duhau Restaurante

The restaurant at the new Park Hyatt, very frequently visited for its desserts.
The specialty: risotto and finocchio with vodka, salmon with humid polenta with Romanesco sauce.
Chef: Rafael Martínez Casas.
A.E’s opinion: for Hyatt and its dishes.
The best: at tea time to enjoy the local jams and Sundays’ brunches.
Address: Alvear 1661 (at the corner of Av. Alvear and Montevideo).
Phone: 5171- 1340.


Right in the center of the capital, this exquisite house of the XX century now houses a café and a restaurant in its lounges and garden.
The specialty: Beef with risotto
Chef: Darío Toledo.
A.E.’s opinion: for a romantic dinner, book a table at the end of the garden.
The best: its ambience, fantastic!
Address: Paraná 1048.
Phone: 4815-9925.


Good quality fish catch at a pleasantly restored restaurant in a former school.
The specialty: Spanish tortilla. Cabrales cheese croquettes. Grilled Squids.
Chef: Martín Rebaudino and Ramón Chiliguay.
A.E’s opinion: the best of seafood in Buenos Aires.
The best: the wines to go with seafood.
Address: Beruti 2602 (at the corner of Beruti and Ecuador).
Phone: 4821-3741.


The refined intimacy of a porteño bistro, with a cuisine fine in details.
The specialty: Quail stuffed with chard and almonds, plum sorbet.
Chef: Guido Tassi.
A.E’s opinion: a few seats, a modern and intimate environment.
The best: the traditional vegetables garnished with edible…flowers.
Address: Montevideo 938 (at the corner of Montevideo and Paraguay).
Phone: 4816-6711.


In the beautiful neighbourhood of Recoleta, this restaurant on the Rodriguez Peña Avenue suggests an attractive menu of molecular cuisine in an original setting.
The specialty: salmon with chutney of grilled red pepper and pinapple.
Chef: Dante Liporace already proved his talent in the famed Catalan restaurant El Bulli, in Roses.
A.E’s opinion: an excellent mix between the traditionnal Argentinian food and the molecular cuisine.
The best: the setting with a 75 years olds ficus which goes through a glass cupola.
Address: Rodríguez Peña 1967, Recoleta. From Monday to Saturday from 8pm.
Phone: 6091-2160.

La Boca


El Obrero

Former workers’ of the Italian-Argentinean factory meeting point is now one of the favorite restaurants for all Porteños, anonymous or not.
The specialty: Aubergines in marinade, Basque corvina. Soups.
A.E’s opinion: with Maradona or singer Bono, the obliged “corner” restaurant in La Boca neighborhood.
The best: its numerous placements on the Big Screen
Address: Agustín R. Caffarena 64 (at the corner of Agustín R. Caffarena and Don Pedro de Mendoza).
Phone: 4362-9912.

Puerto Madero



On the shores of Río de la Plata, a female cheff responsible for a cuisine of character.
The specialty: salmon with leek and frozen vegetables with dill in its oyster juice.
Chef: Soledad Nordelli.
A.E’s opinion: the meeting point of the promising “dandys”
The best: the terrace and its view of Rio de la Plata.
Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 1601 (at the corner of Alicia Moreau de Justo and Independencia).
Phone: 4343-6067.


Comfortably seated in the big terrace of dock 4, the art of the grill goes hand in hand with a creative cuisine.
The specialty: the grill
A.E’s opinion: for an atypical grill on the shores of Río de la Plata.
The best: the terrace of Puerto Madero.
Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 310 (at the corner of Alicia Moreau de Justo and Corrientes).
Phone: 4319-8712/5.

Las Cabañas Las Lilas

Cabaña Las Lilas started as a cattle-breeding estancia, which afterwards opened this restaurant, which ensures a Premium meat.
The best: the beef, the beef and then the beef! (Even if there is fish in the menu)
Chef: Sonia Rosa Perdigón
A.E’s opinion: an excellent table to try the meat which is so famous in Argentina
The best: the terrace over the docks of Puerto Madero.
Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 516 (at the corner of Corrientes).
Phone: 4313-1336.

La Cabaña

Works of art and antiques recreate the ambience of gauchos and the mythical restaurant of the same name, which had its golden age in the 30s.
The specialty: Grand Baby Beef of 1.5kg…and other more reasonable meat cuts of 900 grams!
A.E.’s opinion: one of the most sophisticated grills of the Argentine capital.
The best: very close to Hyatt, Four Seasons and Alvear hotels.
Address: Rodriguez Peña 1967 (between Posadas and Alvear).
Phone: 4814-0001.

San Telmo


Sagardi Euskal Taberna

A Basque tavern, with a simple and at the same time refined ambience and excellent products. A must of Basque cuisine
The specialty: The pintxos, the Basque traditional “tapas”
Chef: Miquel Farin
A.E.’s opinion: a good place for Spanish cuisine
The best: its ambience, warm and elegant.
Address: Humberto Primo 319/333.
Phone: 4361-2538.


A great place to go with friends. Wine tasting on Friday night to go with the gastronomic courses.
The specialty: Aldo style canellonis.
Sommelier: Aldo Graziani.
The best: Sunday brunchs with jazz in live.
Adresse : Moreno 372. Téléphone : 4334-2380.