Celebrations in Argentina

Opportunities to celebrate in Argentina

In Argentina, they do not lack imagination or miss opportunities to celebrate. July 20 is the most special day: Friendship Day.

Collectionist’s Day (January 7), Mechanical’s Day (February 24), Pregnant Women’s Day (March 25), and Girlfriend’s Day (April 1), Animal’s Day (April 29), Taxi Driver’s Day (May 6), Neighbor’s Day (June 11), Webmaster’s Day (September 14), Smile Day (September 23), Mother-in-law’s Day (October 26)… In Argentina, they do not lack imagination or miss opportunities to celebrate. July 20 is the most special day: Friendship Day! They send messages, make phone calls, buy gifts, and go out at night. It is one of the most special nights of the year, together with December 31, on which you will have great difficulty finding a restaurant or an available taxi to return home. Friendship Day is an Argentine creation adopted by some countries.

The day dedicated to friends, with gauchos

The story is amazing: on July 20, 1969, Enrique Febbraro, a dentist and psychology professor, had the bright idea when watching Neil Armstrong landing on the moon on television. He had been looking for several years for a date on which to celebrate with friends and the first step of the man on the moon symbolized, for him, the union between the peoples, thus friendship. Febbraro did not stick to a naïf idea but he started to knock on dozens of doors to patent his invention, which he could finally do in 1972. The phone operators, pubs and restaurants, as well as gift shop should make a monument in his honor; July 20 has become a celebration full of frenetic consumption.

Animal’s Day has been celebrated in Argentine on April 29 since 1908! It is not a local invention but transference from a British tradition. The law about animal protection dates back to 1891. As regards the Neighbor’s Day, it could be also called the Citizen’s Day as it is focused, especially in Buenos Aires where it was first celebrated, on thanking the inhabitants who participated or defended the collective interest of their neighborhood in associations, cultural or sport clubs.

Celebration of Argentina bicentenary

Apart from these festivities that surprisingly fill out the calendar, Argentina officially celebrates New Year, Memorial Day for the truth and justice (March 24, anniversary of 1976 Coup d’Etat), Day of the Veterans and Victims of Malvinas War (April 2), Labor Day (May 1), on May 25 (1810 revolution), Flag’s Day (June 20, anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano, a liberator hero), Independence Day (July 9), Day commemorating General José de San Martín (August 17), Columbus Day (October 12), and some religious festivities (Christian, Muslim and Jewish celebrations). Some holidays are fixed and others are moved to the nearest Monday when they are weekdays.