Bird fauna in Argentina: Altiplano birds

Bird fauna: Altiplano birds

The Altiplano, situated in the Northwestern region of Argentina, is the shelter of many bird species.

Flamingo, Flamenco o parina grande (Phoenicopterus jamesi)

Three of five flamingo species live in Argentina: Chilean flamingo, andean flamingo (parina grande) and James’ flamingo (parina chica). These birds live in flocks near salt pans, frequently in the altitude (Northeast). Its Pink color comes from the food (crustaceans) they absorb. The parinas, which are scarce, are considered vulnerable.

Austral Goose, Cauquén (Chloephaga)

There are five varieties of austral geese, all endemic to South America: Magellanic goose, in the grasslands; Andean goose, near water sources in high altitudes; ashy-headed goose, on the West and Tierra del Fuego; and ruddy-headed goose, in Tierra del Fuego.