Bird fauna in Argentina: savanna and pampa birds

Bird fauna in Argentina: savanna and pampa birds

Argentine rheas and hummingbirds.

American Rhea , Ñandú común (Rhea americana)

Closely related to the ostrich, the American rhea is the largest bird in America with its 1,2 to 1,5m and its long wings. Although it is flightless, it can run at a high speed. It feeds on vegetables, insects and small mammals. The male is in charge of nesting the eggs laid by several females. It prefers the extensive pampas lands, although it may also be found in the mountain range. It is an endangered specie.

Darwin Rhea, Ñandú de Darwin ou Suri (Pterocnemia pennata)

Darwin rhea is similar to the American rhea, but smaller: 90 cm to 1 m. It lives in the mountain range region at less than 3,500 m and in the high plateaus. The Argentine government attempts to protect this endangered specie.