Bird fauna in Argentina: wading birds

Bird fauna: wading birds

The wading birds can be seen in the aquatic areas of Argentina.

Jabiru, Jabirú o Tuyuyu (Jabiru mycteria)

This wading bird in the stork’s family may be up to 1,40 m long. Its long black beak with a red stretchable pouch at the base may reach 30 cm and is used to fish. The jaribu lives near water sources in warm regions, particularly in the Iberá Wetlands, like the wood stork (mycteria americana), another water bird in the stork family.

Cocoi Heron, Garza cuca (Ardea cocoi)

Cocoi Heron is the largest heron in South America. This bird lives in humid regions and feeds on fish and small reptiles. It has been hunted for a long period of time for its white plumage.

Great Egret, Garza blanca o garceta grande (Ardea alba)

This water bird is very common in Argentina and easily identifiable by its white plumage, yellow beak and long legs. It may be found along the coasts or inland, near the lakes and rivers.