Polo and Falabella horse in Argentina

Polo and Falabella horse in Argentina

Polo and Falabella horse is an athlete and a companion animal in Argentina.

The Polo horse

Argentina, polo champion, is specialized in cattle-rearing and export of polo horses, crossbred with criollo horses and thoroughbred horses What gives the animal a muscular body, a strong skeleton, 1,55 to 1,62 m. at withers, a well-balanced head and an elegant appearance. They are fast, intelligent, manageable; the polo horses are easily adapted to the demands of the sport.

Taming takes six months to a year and it takes at least two seasons to see that the horse perfectly answers to the rider’s order, that he can both hold it back and speed it up very fast, as well as turn it round to either side. The horse is a true athlete and a team companion of the player; however, getting the submission of the horse to the player can take years of patience and training.

Riding polo horses

The Argentine Association of Breeders of Polo Horses was founded in 1984 to organize the selection of a true breed of polo horses. Horse training has become a profession, even though some polo clubs still go to La Pampa estancias to choose the best mares tamed in a secondary activity. The players generally use mares because they are more docile.

The Falabella horse

Despite its short height (75 cm in average at withers), the Falabella horse is not a pony horse, it was born from crossbreeding a thoroughbred horse and a Shetland pony in the 19th century in the estancia owned by the Falabella family in the province of Buenos Aires. They can be in several colors (bicolor, cream-colored, reddish coffee…). Its gestation lasts twelve to thirteen months while other horses’ gestation lasts eleven months, and it has two vertebras less than the others. As it is graceful, resistant and docile, the Falabella horse is usually used as a companion animal.

The Argentine Saddlebred Horse

It is energetic, lively and sturdy, the Argentine Saddlebred horse is for equestrian competitions. The fur is smooth and silky.

The Argentine Peruvian Paso Horse

It is another descendant of the Andalusian conquerors’ horses as the criollo horse. It is characterized by its particular four-regular-beat gait. It is an excellent saddlebred horse, noble and elegant, and middle-sized of 1,48 m at withers.