Argentine Polo Players: Argentina breaks records

Legendary polo players ; Argentina breaks records

Argentina is a true reserve of talents for polo. No country in the world has had so much success and so many records.

Argentinian Polo player

Argentina is a true reserve of talents for polo. No country in the world has had so much success and so many records.
From 1913, only 40 players have had the highest handicap: 10. Nowadays they are 10 and all Argentineans. Other 16 players have 9 handicap and they are all also Argentineans. Argentineans have managed to win their first gold medal at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris with polo.


The “game of the century” was held in 1975 at the Palermo polo field to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the sport in Argentina: the two teams, El Trébol and Venado Tuerto, had the maximum 40 handicap each one.
Argentina Open or Palermo Open, which has been played since 1893, is considered the most important championship of the world and, thus, the most sought-after and difficult prize. It takes place four weekends between November-December with thousands of members of the audience in an electric and glamorous environment at Buenos Aires polo field. Teams gather handicap of at least 28.

Polo Match

Palermo Open is the last Triple Crown after Tortugas and Hurlingham Open Championships where it is uncommon to find teams with less than 33 handicaps. Just to compare, the world championship, which is held every three years, is reserved for teams with less than 14 handicaps to be competitive.

There are about a hundred polo clubs in Buenos Aires and its surroundings: Pilar, Cañuelas and Lobos are polo capital cities. You can attend high-level games every weekend from September to April. When it is not high season in the Southern Hemisphere, polo players are hired for thousands dollars by millionaires who wish to share a game with these champions or take advantage of their tips.

Playing polo in Palermo, Argentina

Argentina has given birth to dynasties of players. For example: the Heguy family who already has three generations of polo players and nine out of whom have been 10 handicapped since the arrival of the grandfather from the Vasco-French Country in 1873, almost together with the birth of polo in Argentina. The Heguys have broken all the records, such as Alberto, the player who has played most in the Argentina Open: 28 times!

He was also part of the 40 handicapped team with his brother Horacio and the Harriotts, another mythical family. Juan Carlos Harriott has been considered the best polo player of history 10 handicapped in 1961 and for twenty years. Another most recent record has been broken by Adolfo Cambiaso, who at the age of 19 was the youngest 10 handicapped player and in the same year he was the youngest player of history in Palermo. We can also mention the Pieres, the Merlos, the Novillo Astradas and polo history is still being written in Argentina.