How to get to Argentina & Patagonia ? Flights, insurance, customs, taxes...

How to travel to Argentina?

Practical informations and formalities. Flights, taxes, customs and travel insurance.

International flights

Which flight to choose and how?
33 air carriers fly to Argentina, either with or without stops. European passengers should be aware of certain rules when selecting an American air line. Pay attention to the duration of stops that may take 3 to 10-hour of waiting time. You get better prices by purchasing quite in advance and in the middle of the week.

Travel to Argentina in family
Babies (under 2 years old) do not take a seat; you will pay only 10% of the regular fare for their tickets. Kids (from 2 to 11 years old, inclusive), on some flights, may get discounts in fares, except in case of special flights.
Air Carriers sometimes deny boarding of pregnant women should they consider that, due to the time of pregnancy, there is a potential premature labor risk during the flight.

Travel Argentina Shuttles prior to and after Boarding
If you have arranged prior to and after-boarding shuttles, we recommend reserving changeable tickets, even reimbursable, to avoid any waste of money. Moreover, we suggest not arranging important meetings on your return day or even the following day. The effects of any delays in shuttles prior to or after boarding are at your own cost.

Travel Argentina Return Flight
Irrespective of the type of flight, regular or special, return shall be mandatorily confirmed at the place, within 72 hours prior to the scheduled date of departure, with the airline. Please, remember that this process is mandatory and, should you not comply with it, the airline will not guarantee booking of a seat on the plain and may assign it to another passenger. Moreover, this procedure also allows you to confirm return flights that may have been modified. Argentina Excepción will not be liable in case of passenger’s negligence, unless the passenger has relied on the agency to carry out this process.


Informations about Luggage
Argentine domestic air carriers only authorized carrying 15kg of luggage. Each carrier has it own policies on luggage. In case of excess luggage, should it be permitted, you shall pay the company an additional amount directly at the airport. The air carrier will only be responsible to the passenger for the luggage entrusted to it, on the conditions pre-established by international standards.

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Main luggage : 15 kg –  no details about maximum size. Each aditional kg costs 60 AR$, with 5 kg as a maximum.
Hand luggage : 5 kg –  55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm.
Golf bags are accepted in a limit of one por person, and protected bay a plastic bag.

Lan Argentina
Main luggage : 23 kg in 2 bags maximum (maximum size of 158 cm each)
Hand luggage : 8 kg – 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm + 1 item like a laptop, a camera or a bag for baby…

Insurance policy about Luggage
In case of damage, delay in transportation, theft, or loss of luggage, or any of your purchased items, you shall go to the airline to have the damage, missing, or lost of personal belongings checked out before leaving the airport. Then, you will sign a statement to which you will attach the original copies of the following documents: passport, voucher of luggage check-in, and the statement. We advice purchasing an insurance policy for the amount of such belongings.

Taxes and insurances

How much are airports taxes in Argentina?
The tax payable when departing from Ezeiza International Airport is already included in your international ticket. For domestic flights, only Ushuaia Airports has an aditional tax of around 28 $AR.

Travel Argentina Customs & Tax Free
If you buy any products at the Duty Free shops when arriving in Argentina, be careful not to make any purchases exceeding USD300. Should you exceed such amount, you will be forced to pay customs 50% of the total amount of your purchase in excess of USD300. Both, in Argentina and Chile, entering vegetal-derived products (fruits, vegetables) or animal-derived products (dairies, cold meat) is prohibited.
At the airport, you will be reimbursed the VAT (21%) amount of any purchases exceeding ARS70. The trader will have to be part of the “Global Refund” system and should have issued a proper bill to you to be later submitted at customs, prior to boarding.

Which travel insurance to choose and what for?
Usually, travel insurance consists of: trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical assistance, and repatriation expenses. If you pay your ticket and accommodation with “Premier,” “Gold,” or some “Business” or “Platinum” cards, these four insurance coverage types may be already included. Check it out with your bank. However, top coverage offered by insurance companies is usually quite low, and, therefore, we recommend taking some supplemental or specific insurance.

In case of Loss or Theft of Flight Tickets
If you lose or are stolen your flight ticket, you will have to notify that to the police officers and the air carrier, and assure your return, on your own, by purchasing another ticket. All the effects derived from the loss or theft of the flight ticket will be your exclusive responsibility. This notwithstanding, and according to the criterion applied at the discretion of the airline, you may request reimbursement of any amounts spent by submitting all the relevant original documents (voucher of new tickets acquired, boarding passes, etc.).